Southwind III


Down Under!

Bye bye...
Dear readers of the blogg. Sorry for not updating for a while. I have been buzzy working on the boat, but it also seemed sad to report that we now reached our destination and finally split up a week ago here in Brisbane after seven months of traveling together.
We arrived Australia in Mackay and then headed up to Airlie Beach to repaint the boat. We stayed for two weeks and then headed down along the coast towards Brisbane, my current location. Normally the weather here this time of year is sunny and with north easterly winds, this year it was rainy and with southerly winds, so we had a pretty ruff sail coming down the coast…
Phil left for Sydney and Per-Ivar and Anders is safely home in Sweden. Im going to get down to Sydney and spend Christmas with Phil and his family. I’m really looking forward for this Australian Holiday!
Please stay tuned here for more photos and videos from the trip that I’ll post here in the following weeks!
Merry Christmas to you all!!

One Response to “Down Under!”

  1. December 22nd, 2010 at 01:12

    Mary Tyner says:

    Southwind looks beautiful ! Have a wonderful Australian Christmas. I look forward to reading more and seeing more photos in the New Year.
    Smooth Sailing,